The Cheapest Beach Towns in Australia

September 15, 2021
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Imagine ending the day with your feet on the sand. Imagine holding Zoom meetings with a view of the ocean. Well, we at Soho want to make this a reality so we’re rounding up the cheapest beach towns in Australia to help you start living out your coastal dreams. 

It’s no secret that we just love a good beach town home. But we get that it’s competitive out there. Beach properties are not only in demand, but also in limited supply. So what happens? Housing prices go up, sometimes as high as in the CBDs of metropolitan cities. 

But fret not. We think living out your goal shouldn’t cost loads of money. There are many towns in Australia that offer the shores without the spend. And with spring at our doorstep, what better time to take a break from the hustle and bustle?

So let’s dive in and show you where you can get a 2-bedroom beach town property market for $500,000. 

Cheap Beach Towns in NSW


Median home price: $495,000 for a 3-bedroom

Known for its absolutely spectacular nature, Eden sits on the Sapphire Coast of NSW. You’re 476 kilometres south of Sydney and 553 kilometres east of Melbourne here which makes Eden the last major town on the NSW coast. But perhaps if you’re looking to be frugal, this is the kind of distance you need to take. And if the outdoors is also a deciding factor, this is a pretty sweet spot for you. You’re in close access to beautiful parks, with surfing, diving and fishing calling out to you all summer long.

Stuarts Point

Stuarts Point home

Median home price: $450,000 for a 3-bedroom

Once a fishing port, the town is now a great, cheap getaway destination for Sydney-siders. About a five-hour drive from the city is this warm, charming town with a beach, a river as well as blue water fishing spots. And this quaint home can be jazzed up to your taste or moved into immediately. With the beach 600 metres away, as well as amenities like shops and restaurants, you’re spoiled for choice. 

Warners Bay

Median home price: $700,000 for a 3-bedroom

We took the liberty here of showing you a lake property because of how gorgeous it is. Warners Bay lines the perimeter of Lake Macquarie making this town a perfect hub for… nature! —That is the beauty of gaining distance from big cities—greenery, serenity and cheaper prices. A friendly community is one of the highlights in Warners Bay, with a large population made up of families with kids. 

Coffs Harbour

Median home price: $595,000 for a 3-bedroom

While Coffs Harbour is quickly gaining traction in the real estate market, the prices are still reasonable for what the town offers—pristine nature, community spirit, and a restaurant scene that’s slowly and surely blossoming. Many activities you can participate in are free of charge with whale watching, hiking and fishing as some of the best entertainment. 

Cheap Beach Towns in Queensland


Median home price: $308,000 for a 3-bedroom

To many, Cardwell is simply a holiday destination. Being the only coastal town between Townsville and Cairns, there’s quite a bit of distance from major towns. But perhaps that’s exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a hop away from Hinchinbrook Island, known for its stunning beaches and soft, sandy shores. And we just love how this house makes you feel like you’re on a vacation all year-long.

Mission Beach

Median home price: $449,500 for a 3-bedroom

At Mission Beach, your closest big cities are Townsville and Cairns. But with 14 kilometres of gorgeous beach, perhaps nature will be a bigger priority. Slow-living is synonymous with the name of this town. No crowds, no big commercial stores, and no traffic lights. Living here allows you to be completely enveloped by nature.

Sarina Beach

Median home price: $520,000 for a 3-bedroom

Golden sand and nesting turtles are what Sarina Beach is known for. But other draws often overlooked are the warm and friendly neighbours as well as the clean, green surroundings. It’s about a 20-minute drive from Mackay Airport so if the cityscape beckons, you can answer. We found this charming, palm tree-lined house a great way to get in the local property market!

Port Douglas 

Median home price: $725,000 for a 3-bedroom

While Port Douglas certainly isn’t known as one of the more affordable beach towns, we’re featuring it for this amazing villa deal. As part of a residential complex, you have the privacy and security of a gated community and your own private pool. And again, many fun, adventurous activities won’t be heavy on your wallet. Biking, hiking and checking out the local artisans and farmers are some of our top picks. 

Cheap Beach Towns in Victoria


Median home price: $268,850 for a 2-bedroom

Portland is another holiday destination many flock to in the warmer seasons. Originally a European settlement, the town is charming and historic, with beautifully restored buildings in the main areas. It has a lively community, thanks to thriving, robust industries like fishing, aluminium and wool. Real estate is more affordable compared to other coastal areas and you’re in easy access to some of the best hiking trails and surfing waves in the region. 


Median home price: $645,000 for a 2-bedroom

You’re about 112 kilometres from Melbourne here which makes easy city access a big reason why Inverloch isn’t one of the cheapest beach towns in Australia. Still, it’s deeply loved for the beautiful architecture, neighbourly residents and, of course, its beautiful beaches! While the town is busy with tourists in the summertime, winter slows things down a bit and the town is made calm again, in all the best ways. 


cowes apartment affordable

Median home price: 532,500 for a 2-bedroom

Cowes ticks a lot of our boxes. Affordability, primarily. But perhaps not for long as more people are seeing the draw in its natural beauty and convenience. With the car ferry connecting Phillip Island to Mornington Peninsula, you’re that much closer to the city if you need it. And another box it checks is its nature, naturally. With wildlife parks, lovely beaches, and the iconic Penguin Parade. 

Cheap Beach Towns in SA

Port Lincoln

Median home price: ​$222,000 for a 2-bedroom

Touted as Australia’s seafood capital, Port Lincoln is also one of the more affordable beach towns on our list. Living here would offer you some of the country’s most captivating natural gems at your doorstep. You can spend the weekend here spending nothing at all—starting and ending in Lincoln National Park. But don’t let the simple name fool you—it’s teeming with opportunities to boat, swim, birdwatch, whale watch and hike across verdant terrain. 


ardrossan affordable house

Median home price: $265,000 for a 3-bedroom

Friendly, safe, secure—these are some of the words used to describe Ardrossan. We’d also add affordable to that list, with the town being one of the cheapest in the country. Adelaide is a 50-minute drive away so access to the airport is fairly easy. Community spirit is again one of the highlights in this South Australian beach town. But you’ll also find it a delightful mix of both holiday destination and port town. 

Cheap Beach Towns in Tasmania


Median home price: $535,000 for a 3-bedroom

Nestled along Tassie’s east coast, the town gained popularity over the years for its local attractions like unique seaside and hinterland hikes as well as the lovely beaches. Hobart is less than 200 kilometres away but the town itself boasts all the necessary conveniences like supermarkets, restaurants, gyms and the lively annual Bicheno Food & Wine Market.  

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